Happy Children

Keep the Child Care Credit in Mind for Summer

WASHINGTON – IRS SPECIAL EDITION TAX TIP 2013-11 – If you are a working parent or look for work this summer, you may need to pay for the care of your child or children. These expenses may qualify for a tax credit that can reduce your federal income taxes. Read more

Summer Job Tax Information for Students

WASHINGTON – IRS SPECIAL EDITION TAX TIP 2013-10 – When summer vacation begins, classroom learning ends for most students. Even so, summer doesn’t have to mean a complete break from learning. Read more

Medical Insurance

Seven Important Tax Facts about Medical and Dental Expenses

“WASHINGTON –  IRS Tax Tip 2013-25” – If you paid for medical or dental expenses in 2012, you may be able to get a tax deduction for costs not covered by insurance. The IRS wants you to know these seven facts about claiming the medical and dental expense deduction. Read more

Wedding Ring

Five Tips if Your Name Has Changed

“WASHINGTON – IRS Tax Tip 2013-21” – If you were married or divorced and changed your name last year, be sure to notify the Social Security Administration before you file your taxes with the IRS. If the name on your tax return doesn’t match SSA records, the IRS will flag it as an error and that may delay your refund. Read more

Phishing Scams

Beware of Bogus IRS Emails

“WASHINGTON – IRS TAX TIP 2013-19” – The IRS receives thousands of reports every year from taxpayers who receive emails out-of-the-blue claiming to be from the IRS. Scammers use the IRS name or logo to make the message appear authentic so you will respond to it. In reality, it’s a scam known as “phishing,” attempting to trick you into revealing your personal and financial information. The criminals then use this information to commit identity theft or steal your money. Read more

Eight Tax Benefits for Parents

“WASHINGTON – IRS Tax Tip 2013-11 ” – Your children may help you qualify for valuable tax benefits, such as certain credits and deductions. If you are a parent, here are eight benefits you shouldn’t miss when filing taxes this year. Read more

IRS Offers Tax Tips for “The Season of Giving”

WASHINGTON – IRS Special Edition Tax Tip 2012-15 – December is traditionally a month for giving generously to charities, friends and family. But it’s also a time that can have a major impact on the tax return you’ll file in the New Year. Here are some “Season of Giving” tips from the IRS covering everything from charity donations to refund planning: Read more

IRS Warns Consumers of Possible Scams Relating to Hurricane Sandy Relief

WASHINGTON – Revised version IR-2012-91 –  The Internal Revenue Service today issued a consumer alert about possible scams taking place in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Read more

Phishing Scams

Don’t Fall for Phony IRS Websites

WASHINGTON – CORRECTED SPECIAL EDITION TAX TIP 2012-13 –  The Internal Revenue Service is issuing a warning about a new tax scam that uses a website that mimics the IRS e-Services online registration page. Read more

Back-to-School Tips for Students and Parents Paying College Expenses

WASHINGTON – IRS SUMMERTIME TAX TIP 2012-25 – Whether you’re a recent high school graduate going to college for the first time or a returning student, it will soon be time to head to campus, and payment deadlines for tuition and other fees are not far behind.  The IRS offers some tips about education tax benefits that can help offset some college costs for students and parents. Typically, these benefits apply to you, your spouse or a dependent for whom you claim an exemption on your tax return.  Read more