Assurance Services

Our assurance engagements provide our clients and other users of financial statements with a reasonable level of confidence that the financial data is free of material errors and fraud.  And our expertise and experience add useful suggestions for improving the client’s operations and management of future challenges.

— John Parrish

Many times you need an expert’s report on matters of significance to your operations or your transactions with others. We offer a variety of services designed to provide the desired level of assurance on such matters. The following is a partial list of the assurance services we offer:

  • Audits of financial statements
  • Reviews of financial statements
  • Internal control system examinations
  • Reports on specific financial statement elements
  • Reports on contracts and agreements
  • Reports on compliance requirements

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For more information about our assurance services, contact Rich Bili or Greg Owens at (913) 338-3500 or e-mail us at